Thursday, September 7, 2017

WPF Tip #19 - Extended WPF Toolkit - Zoom in with the Magnifier Control

It's time to examine another control from the Extended WPF Toolkit, maintained on GitHub by Xceed and the WPF community. Today, we will look at an example of how easy it is to add a zoom feature to your WPF application with the Magnifier control.


In the Xaml below, I have added a Magnifier to the top-level grid in my Window.


         <tk:Magnifier BorderBrush="MediumPurple"
                               ZoomFactor=".4" />

    <tk:CheckListBox ItemsSource="{Binding Sentences, IsAsync=True}"
                      SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedSentence}"
                      Command="{Binding ItemSelectedCommand}"/>

The CheckedListBox from Tip #18 is still in place, displaying results from my Bacon Ipsum generator from Tip #17. Running the application, we see my random list items with a zoom region that follows my mouse as I move it around the Window.


Pretty simple! Go check it out for yourself. You can easily add a bound visibility property to hide/show the control from a toolbar or other button in your app.

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